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As per the latest information received, in yesterday’s Board meeting of Kandla Port Trust Friends Salt Works & Allied Industries (FSWAI) terminal has been granted Clearance to commence the work. Line testing procedures will be taking off and within few days the terminal will be commissioned for operations. Please be informed that due to the closing of the said terminal few years back the traffic of Kandla Port was hugely affected and many vessels were diverted to other ports.


In the Board meeting of Kandla Port Trust conducted on 16th April 2015, a disputed issue of FSWAI terminal built in 50 acres of land has been granted permission to commence the work of the storage of Edible/chemical cargo as per the new rates confirmed between them. Kandla Port was losing great amount of business and thus resulting huge financial loss on Kandla Port. The dispute was going on for the past many years between Port and FSWAI. A tender invitation was proposed 3 months back and again the final bid was won by FSWAI on the revised rate of 1064. Keeping in view of the financial loss and the diversion of cargo to other Port, the final decision of commissioning of the said tank farm was taken in yesterday’s board meeting. Please be informed that FSWAI terminal is having the efficiency to store the largest quantity of cargo at Port Kandla.

In addition to the above info, please be informed that Port will terminate earlier agreement with the Private jetty (Jetty no. 13 & 15) and will re-invite for the tender. The delay in re-commissioning of Oil jetty no. 01 was also discussed in the Board meeting.

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