Proposal letter of Port in order to accord 12/24 Hrs Priority berthing in tankers at Port Kandla.

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No: TF/SH/2106/ Date: 26/03/2015


Reference this office circular No.TF/SH/2106(06)/704 dated 19/09/2011 forwarding therewith comprehensive Berthing Policy and subsequent circulars with regard to amendment in Berthing Policy.

In view of the requests from the various Trade Associations, Port users, etc. and after consultation with the stakeholders, it is proposed to accord 12/24 hours priority berthing to liquid cargo tankers at oil jetty with preference to tankers opting for 12 hours. In case there is no tanker opting for 12/24 hours priority, the existing policy for liquid cargo tankers i.e. First come-First Serve basis will continue. Secondly, as per the present Berthing Policy, if the vessel is shifted out from berth due to non completion of cargo operations, under priority group, the seniority of the vessel will be lost and shall be considered as fresh from the date and time of shifting out from berth and the said vessel shall also not be considered for re-berthing before 5 days from shifting from berth.

The comments/suggestions, if any, to the above amendment, may be communicated to the undersigned within 10 days. In case of non-receipt of any communication, the same will be implemented w.e.f. 15th April, 2015.

Traffic Manager
Kandla Port Trust
All Port Users through:
1. The President, Kandla Port Steamship Agents Association
2. The President, Kandla Liquid Tank Terminal Association
3. The President, The Kandla Custom House Agents Association
4. The President, Kandla Stevedores Association Ltd.
5. The President Kandla Port Custom House Agents Association
6. The President, Kandla Port Dock Stevedores Association
7. The President, Kandla Timber Association
8. The President, The Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industry
9. PS to Chairman – for kind information of Chairman
10. PS to Dy.Chairman – for kind information of Dy.Chairman

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