Ship operators warned as Yemeni ports hit by war

April 23, 2015 10:26 am Published by

The ongoing unrest in Yemen has hit the country’s ports as vessels have been unable to access facilities in areas where the Saudi Arabia-led coalition of anti-Houthi forces have been attacking, sources said.

Warnings have been issued to vessel operators to review the situation before proceeding. “An increasingly tight blockade is being effected on Yemeni ports. Members with vessels at Yemen, or proceeding to Yemen need to urgently review the situation in the light of this development,” the Skuld P&I Club warned.

“The coalition forces do not allow any vessels coming from Bab-el-Mandeb to enter Yemeni territorial waters without permission,” another Club said.

Any vessel currently berthed at a Yemeni port should consider raising its ISPS level to 3, Skuld advised. Ships still intending to go to Yemen should review their charter party terms and inform hull, war and P&I insurers, it has been suggested.

Meanwhile, with news coming in that Saudi Arabia has ended its air campaign, and is likely to begin the “next phase” of operations, the view is that the situation will probably continue to worsen before it stabilises.

Many shipping lines have been diverting their vessels to safer ports in the region, according to reports.

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